Foot Pain

I had an appt. with Andrea for the pain I was having with my feet.  I deal with plantar fasciitis, flat feet and in-toeing (I call pigeon toed);  plus, an ankle I broke years ago.  With all these problems, I wear prescribed orthotics which I just bought new ones.  With the changes of the new orthotics created an irritation in my feet.   Plantar fasciitis flared up which made every step  painful.  Andrea gave me a remedy to take for 5 nights.  I was amazed after taking this prescribed remedy my pain was eliminated.  I did take the remedy as prescribed because I did not want my pain to return.  My foot doctor wanted to prescribe medicine.  Again, I avoided drugs.  DK

broken bones

I broke ribs during my construction job. It’s expected to not work for 6 weeks from breaking ribs. I was in a lot of pain and Andrea brought me homeopathic remedies with instructions and I was back to work in 2 weeks. I healed so much faster with what she prescribed me. PS

Tooth ache


I had an incredible toothache on Christmas Eve two years ago from a known and diagnosed abscess that would give me periodic troubles. That day the pain was so bad I was sure I would have to go to the emergency room. Andrea prescribed two doses of a remedy and within 10 minutes of the first dose the pain subsided and after the second dose the pain totally vanished. I did not have to go to the emergency room and so far that tooth is OK.  She did advise me to have it looked at by a dentist and I did. The tooth is cracked, but there is no infection. DT




 I’m 75 years old and fell on the ice. My wrist swelled up a lot right away and was painful and red. I knew it wasn’t broken and went to Andrea right because she advised that quick action is always best. She gave me a potency of Arnica that is not available in the store right away. The swelling and pain went way down overnight. There was still redness so I took another dose. Within a day the redness went a way. I recovered amazing fast especially considering my age. HE

 I have a 2 year old family dog that started frequently peeing at night on my children’s beds while in a deep sleep. She had been doing this for nine months. I took a urine sample and it was confirmed that she did not have an infection. She wasn’t drinking a lot so that wasn’t the problem. I consulted with Andrea and she sent me a remedy in a liquid form that was in a spray bottle. I had to spray the remedy in her mouth a few times. The peeing immediately stopped for over a month. Our dog had another incident and I was instructed to re-dose. It’s been over a month now and there hasn’t been another accident. I appreciated her quick response to our concern.  It’s so nice for our family to have the problem resolved. ST