About Andrea

Andrea Tolle is a graduate of Northwestern Academy of Homeopathy, a four year program including two years of clinical training and experience. She has successfully passed the exam of the National Counsel for Homeopathic Certification and is a current member of the Minnesota Homeopathic Association. In 1992 she graduated with a BA from Mankato State University. 

Andrea sees clients of all ages and enjoys working with entire families. Her own family has been using homeopathy for 15 years with positive life changing results. 

“I became curious about health and the root cause of illness ever since I became very ill when I was 25.  The conventional system mostly offered to palliate or mask symptoms, but I was always wondering why people got sick in the first place, and if there was a way to do more than temporary relieve symptoms. I investigated diet change, essential oils and life style modifications. I learned they are all helpful and important, but when my family started to use homeopathy it led to real deep lasting recovery.  It became clear that there was a mind-body connection and that homeopathy is an incredible tool to improving health.”



"When my daughter started getting asthma symptoms that where very similar to her dad's and her grandmother's I resigned to her having childhood asthma during her entire youth just like her dad and grandma. I got her an inhaler. She lived with classic childhood asthma symptoms starting at age 4. I had to have an inhaler available at all times because an attack would be a scary situation without it. She would cough and have a very hard time breathing. The attacks often occurred from exercise, humid air and at 9pm. After a year and a half I finally asked our homeopath if there was anything that could help, but ultimately thought it would be of little use because I concluded it was genetic. She said "yes, bring her in." I did, and we were about to go on a camping trip which would definitely induce an attack with the humid night air in the evening. She said to give her a dose 2 hours before bed. I forgot the first night and she had an attack at 9pm so I resorted to the inhaler. The second night with the same atmospheric conditions I did remember to give her the remedy. She had no asthma attack that night or for the rest of the trip (3 more nights). Within 6 months she no longer had asthma. Now she is 13 and the only time she had an attack was on a trip 3 years ago where she was exposed to very extreme dust and mold.  She recovered and hasn't had an attack since. It was clear. homeopathic remedies do have the capacity to restore health."