Green Compass Homeopathy


Green Compass Homeopathy


Rochester, Minnesota


Are you sick of being sick? Begin your path to health with homeopathy and schedule your appointment today with Andrea Tolle 507.261.9447.


Lasting Healing

Feel like yourself again with homeopathy. Whether it be physical pain, an emotional issue, or a mental concern like depression, homeopathy addresses all suffering and puts you on the path to feeling like yourself again for the long term.


The homeopathic process is an individualized and holistic approach to healing because every person is unique.  


Over 200 million people worldwide improve their health with homeopathy from seasonal influenza and epidemics to chronic illnesses and disease.

Natural and Safe

Homeopathic remedies are made from natural substances in a special way that make them highly effective and also very safe. Parents and pregnant woman need not worry about any toxic affects of remedies made homeopathically. They can often be taken with prescription medication.


Homeopathy is quite affordable especially when calculating your savings in the long term. People who use classical homeopathy spend much less money on expensive conventional approaches because they are healthier and much more resilient. You receive the most genuinely patient-centered attention during your consultation that when compared to a conventional appointment costs much less per hour.



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