The first appointment is in depth about your health and health history.

Before the initial appointment a health history form is required. This form can be mailed or e-mailed to you.

Contact Andrea Tolle at (507) 261-9447 or to schedule your appointment.


Includes initial consultation, up to 2 prescribed remedies, and 2 follow-up appointments      


Initial In-depth Consultation for persisting issues (chronic) includes homeopathic remedy                                           $249.00

Follow-up Appointments                                                    $79.00

Acute care/illness Consultation 
examples: injury, ear pain, sore throat, colic    
(but not needing emergency medical care)    
30 minutes & includes 1 remedy                                          $79.00

Child (age 11 and under) Package     
90 days of homeopathic care including initial consultation, prescribed remedies, and 2 follow-up appointments        $199.00

Child (age 11 and under) In-depth Consultation    
for Persisting issues (chronic)
includes homeopathic remedy                                          $130.00

House calls available upon request for certain circumstances at $0.90 a mile round trip.

Long-distance clients have the option of Skype or FaceTime. 

Payment is due at time of appointment, but monthly payment   is an option.

Payment methods accepted are: credit card, cash or check.

Insurance companies do not pay for homeopathic services.      Some HSA accounts approve reimbursement.